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Arcana of the Ancients: Beasts of Flesh and Steel

Arcana of the Ancients: Beasts of Flesh and Steel

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Scores of weird and wondrous sciencefantasy encounters for your 5e game.

The lacaric courier singlemindedly delivers strange devices to ancient ruins, sometimes traveling great distances and facing incredible hardships to do so. Why? What's the significance of the cargo or destination? Nobody knows-but don't get in its way!

Like a hermit crab seeking out empty shells, the kalyptein crab lives in ancient devices. It often gains unexpected and powerful abilities from its home, making it an unpredictable foe.

The silvery liquid namnesis communicates by swapping memories- literally stealing those of its target while implanting its own startling thoughts. It changes form rapidly, even splitting into multiple attackers, and can sometimes steal a character's abilities to use against them...

Add an element of the truly unexpected to your Fifth Edition game with this fantastic assortment of science-fantasy creatures born in the Ninth World-the award-winning, critically acclaimed setting created by legendary game designer Monte Cook.

140 incredible creatures that blend fantasy and science fiction elements.
A standalone bestiary compatible with any 5e game.
A fantastic companion to Arcana of the Ancients and Beneath the Monolith. Gamers who are into those titles will really dig this book! (But they aren't necessary to use this one.)
Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell, and Sean K. Reynolds are all legendary names to your D&D audience!
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