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Mork Borg: Cult Feretory

Mork Borg: Cult Feretory

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Product Details

MORK BORG CULT FERETORY is a sinful zine full of community made classes, adventures and horrible treasures for use with MORK BORG or other rules-light dark fantasy games. It includes:

The Monster Approaches... Create your own terrible foe with this monster generator. Determine appearance, behavior, abilities, goal and strange habits for your new friend.

... Roads to Damnation. Simple rules for overland travel, including distances, road encounters, village types and destinations.
... Eat Prey Kill. Rules for hunting for food (or sport). Also 54 fully statted monsters, 6 for each major area of the dying world.
... The Death Ziggurat. A delve into the ruins of a lost temple city where something is awakening. A descent into undead madness. A Cosmic Necrocrawl at the end of time. The Death Ziggurat is a short adventure about postponing the inevitable.
... d100 Items & Trinkets. What can be scored in the darkest of cellars and the rucksacks of the fallen? Use this list of keepsakes and trinkets to find out.

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