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Pathfinder Flip-Mat: City Sites Multi-Pack

Pathfinder Flip-Mat: City Sites Multi-Pack

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Whether your players are just arriving in town, heading out for some shopping, carousing at a local tavern, or fighting for their lives in the back alleys, Pathfinder Flip-Mat: City Sites Multi-Pack has you covered. This set's four sides each feature a different city location where mayhem and trouble is likely to break out. Whether you need a bustling marketplace, a popular tavern, a twisting tangle of alleys in the worst part of town, or a busy urban waterfront, you'll find a suitable map in this pack.

This set includes two flip mats, each measuring 24" x 30" unfolded, and 8" x 10" folded. A Flip-Mat's coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker. Usable by experienced GMs and novices alike, Pathfinder Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal!
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