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Mini Express

Mini Express

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Kickstarter Collector's Edition

Mini Express is a strategic train game for 1 to 5 players where you and other wealthy capitalists manage four railroad companies. Each turn, you must decide between 2 actions: increase your holding in a railroad company by taking a share in it, or build tracks for one of them, extending the reach of its network with the aim of improving the value of your own shares. Through careful planning and ruthless execution, players pioneer the western expansion of the 19th century, vying to be the most influential railroad baron and complete the transcontinental railroad.

To take a stock, you must decrease your influence in that company equal to the number of trains in that company's reservoir. If you can't do so without going below zero, then you cannot take that stock. To lay track, you take train pieces from the company's reservoir on the game board and place them one per hex to expand that company's network to a new city. When you do this, you gain influence in the goods that are in demand in that city. (The game includes four types of goods, and each type of good is the same color as one of the railroad companies.)

When all the shares have been claimed from two companies or two companies have no train pieces remaining, then you complete the round and the game ends. For each good/company, you multiple the number of shares you hold by a points multiplier that's based on how much influence you have in that good/company relative to other players. The higher your standing, the more valuable each of your shares will be. Whoever has the most points wins.


1 x Two-sided Map board (USA and Europe)
1 x Tracking board
1 x Company Asset board
100 x Screen-Printed Wooden Train tokens (25 each in 4 Company colors) (Kickstarter Exclusive Screen-Printing)
25 x Wooden Influence markers (5 each in 5 player colors) (Kickstarter Exclusive shape)
4 x Screen-Printed Wooden Track Length markers (1 each in 4 Company colors) (Kickstarter Exclusive Screen-Printing)
36 x Share tiles (9 each in 4 Company colors)
32 x Demand tiles
14 x AI Bot Tiles
1 x Velour Drawstring bag (Kickstarter Exclusive Velour)
1 x Start Player marker
1 x Golden Spike tile
1 x Metal Start Player marker (Kickstarter Exclusive)
1 x Wooden Golden Spike tile (Kickstarter Exclusive)
1 x Rulebook

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