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Black Void RPG: Dark Dealings in the Shaded Souq

Black Void RPG: Dark Dealings in the Shaded Souq

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Estimated Release Date: March 02, 2021
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Expected Release: March 2, 2021. Date subject to change.

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Dark dealings in the Shaded Souq takes the protagonists on an exhilarating adventure, introducing the characters to the intrigue and viciousness hidden beneath the pristine facades and gilded domes of the Khameeliya district. While establishing contact with a burgeoning human commune in the Khameeliya district, the protagonists find themselves framed for massacring exotic animals belonging to the powerful Ghurayb guild. Incriminated in a virulent conspiracy and seeking to exonerate themselves before vigilante justice catches up to them, they unwittingly stumble across a plot with implications far beyond the Eternal City. The protagonists have to use whatever guile, diplomacy and martial prowess they can muster to survive the intricate manoeuvrings of traders, esoteric beings and callous killers alike.

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