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Endogenesis 2nd Edition
Endogenesis 2nd Edition
Endogenesis 2nd Edition
Endogenesis 2nd Edition

Endogenesis 2nd Edition

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You and your companions are cosmic spirits in an alien, infant universe. Seeking more, you opened breaches to other realms, setting lose a pandora's box of chaos, knowledge and wonder across your reality. These new experiences confer upon each of you new emotions and varying abilities, blessing you with individualism...while cursing you with differences. Before long, you all turn on each other, descending into a battle royale that will not stop until one finally ascends to godhood.

Endogenesis is a strategic card game that can be enjoyed competitively, cooperatively or through solo play. Collect skills from the Realm of Knowledge to customize your character with different powers, and upgrade them with Shards that you can earn by defeating your enemies. Also joining the fray are vicious monsters from the Realm of Chaos. The most powerful of these are called Legendaries; killing them rewards its slayer with a prism. Be the first to collect three Prisms and you win!

This second edition of the game features major improvements for Endogenesis, such as a revamped ruleset, an all-new game mode, and balance changes for cards.

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