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Atma: A Roleplaying Card Game, Act I

Atma: A Roleplaying Card Game, Act I

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Welcome to a world near our own. The volcanic mineral atma empowers the living and entwines the dying, while artificial intelligence and alien titans join humanity in this daunting new century. Yet in the Restless Zones, beyond society and law, trouble lurks. Gather your fellow adventurers and prepare to test yourself against the world's most dangerous frontiers. The sky's getting darker...

Atma is a complete roleplaying game system in a tiny package. It's portable, quick to set up and teach, and plays in just 2 hours - perfect for game nights or pop-up sessions! A Game Master and 1-4 players use illustrated tarot cards to fuel RPG gameplay focused on creativity and quick thinking. Atma excels as a tutorial for first-time GMs who've always wanted to run an RPG, while allowing limitless creativity for roleplaying pros.

Cards - A stage in Atma contains 51 illustrated tarot-sized cards for the GM, while players choose from premade character micro-decks of 8 cards. Set up and play in seconds, then expand the story as you go.

Gameplay - There are no turns in Atma. The GM describes the scene and helps manage the spotlight. Players can try anything that fits the narrative - get creative! Two 6-sided dice resolve conflicts.

Story - Every GM and player card is packed with lore for you to use, adjust, or ignore as you see fit. A play session has one concrete goal determined by the story card, with micro-goals for each scene - which also unlock new character abilities. Everyone gets a chance to steer the narrative and explore the world's history.
Sub Category:
  • 3 51-card stage decks
  • 8 8-card character decks
  • 4 reference cards
  • 6 dividers
  • 2 D6 dice
  • 15 tokens
  • 1 rulebook

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