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303 Squadron: Convoy

303 Squadron: Convoy


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Product Details

303 Squadron: Convoy is an expansion for 303 Squadron the boardgame. This expansion will take you over the seas surrounding and protecting Britain which, together with the air and the homeland, was an important setting for the Battle of Britain.

Germany's plan was to cut off Britain from supplies: German airplanes were attacking the ships in the Channel, while the U-boats were trying to intercept and sink them. Your task, as 303 Squadron pilots, is to protect your convoys against bombing from Bf.110s and the assault of the deadly U-boat. But you will have limited time to reach the convoy and force the enemy to withdraw, so force your engines and adjust your aim, you have to strike first and strong!

In the expansion, you will find extra Bf.110s with the new "Bombing" ability; a deadly U-boat, threatening your convoys; and models of the transport ships you will need to protect.

This expansion set includes 7 miniatures, U-boat and cargo ships and more Messerschmitt Bf 110s, new cards, another scenario, and tokens and rules for expanded play.
Sub Category:
Play Time:
  • 2 Ship miniatures
  • 1 U-boat miniature
  • 1 Scenario card
  • 4 Airplane miniatures
  • 8 Route and direction tokens
  • 10 Bomb tokens
  • 4 Plastic bases
  • 4 Plastic pegs

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