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Product Details

In this cooperative game, players are brave Rangers who assist he people of a satrapy - an administrative province - that their hierarchy has put them in charge of. They must rebuild a Fortress to ensure the safety and tranquility of the inhabitants.

Rangers are given an Assignment at the start of the game. These are the tasks that have been assigned to them by their hierarchy. Completing them will be the best way to win the game.

This assignment would be easy to carry out if external events did not get in the Rangers' way. A story, called the Chronicle, will unfold throughout the game, adding new situations that the Rangers will have to deal with.

Along the way, the Rangers will experience Incidents, short scenes in which they will be able to win fame for themselves (or not). They will also have to assist the communities of the Satrapy when Problems cause them danger, and they must face all kinds of unforeseen Events.

If they can stay the course, while keeping the Prestige and Defense of the Fortress intact, they will reach the final chapter of the Chronicle and can end the tale. For a happy ending, they must complete their Assignment to the best of their ability.
Play Time:
  • 2 game boards
  • 6 Building tiles
  • 210 cards
  • 9 Mission Order cards
  • 8 Ranger boards
  • 77 wooden resources
  • 8 wooden Ranger meeples
  • 7 dice
  • Various tokens and markers

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