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Dungeons & Dragons: Tome of Heroes (Fifth Edition)

Dungeons & Dragons: Tome of Heroes (Fifth Edition)

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Expected Release: July 27, 2022. Date subject to change.

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Adventure & Glory Await!

The Tome of Heroes is the essential expansion for every 5th Edition roleplayer. It contains rules for new character races and subclasses, weapon options, and powerful spells, as well as new equipment, expanded magic rules, and much more.

With 5th Edition roleplaying, enter a world of deep dungeons, harsh wilderness, and thriving cities, ready to battle everything from goblins to dragons. Sharpen your skills, discover mythic treasures, and give your character powerful new options to turn back the creatures of darkness.

Create heroes of legend, ready to take their place in song and saga. Take up your sword and staff, and seize your destiny!

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