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Dungeons & Dragons: Book of Ebon Tides (Fifth Edition) (Limited Edition)

Dungeons & Dragons: Book of Ebon Tides (Fifth Edition) (Limited Edition)

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Estimated Release Date: August 31, 2022
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In a striking two-foil cover!

Welcome to the Shadow Realm, a twisting and distorted counterpart to the lands you know. Here the shadow fey hold court, reveling in their frivolities and intrigues, while the darakhul hunt the unwary and those other peoples adapted to the shadows strive to simply get on with their lives.

This plane of Shadow is ever changing and filled with adventure for those willing to explore the darkness. And oh, the things you'll find:
- Guard yourself against an often-hostile land of subtle intrigue and thinly veiled aggression, of political opportunities and roaming monsters
- Learn the secrets of the ebon tides - the very ebb and flow of the shifting shadowstuff beneath your feet - and of the shadow roads that connect the planes
- Visit the wondrous fey courts and realize your life may very well depend on proper etiquette and taking great care with your words
- Negotiate with the peoples of the land, such as the bearfolk, shadow goblins, sable elves, umbral humans, and many others
- Pay proper respect to those gods of the shadows lest they turn too close an eye toward you
- Plus new options galore - 52 spells, 16 races and subraces, 10 subclasses, 22 monsters and NPCs, 80 magic items, and more!

Uncover the dark realities of shadow and expand worlds of your own creation!
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