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Antematter: Premium Edition

Antematter: Premium Edition

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Product Details

Antematter is a cosmic mashup of space strategy and space poker. Command a crew of space pirates, privateers, and smugglers as you plot a course around the Conflux and rack up a fortune in Nephelium Chips. Then, take your ill-gotten gains and face off in the hands of space-twisted Texas Hold'em. Leverage your crew's unique abilities to stay one step ahead of your foes and to cheat them out of their chips at the poker table.
  • Matte Box with Glossy Engine Star
  • 6 Metal Pirate Fleets (7 pieces per fleet)
  • 6 Metal Planets
  • Enhanced Board with Gold Foil Detailing
  • 6 Upgraded Crew Decks with Foil Detailing (26 cards per deck)
  • 56 Upgraded Card Poker Deck with Glossy Finish
  • 15 Upgraded Enigmata Cards with Gold Inlay and Holographic Details
  • 200 Nephelium Chips
  • Antique Metal Dealer & Turn Marker

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