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  • Deep Green Lord, Master Wisteria

Deep Green Lord, Master Wisteria

Card Number:
Unit Type:
Card Text:
[AUTO][Limit-Break 4](This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter-Blast 1] When a {Neo Nectar} rides this unit, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to two of your {Neo Nectar} rear-guards, search your deck for up to one card with the same name as each of those cards, call them to separate (RC), shuffle your deck, choose your vanguard, and that unit gets [Power] +10000 until end of turn.
[AUTO](VC):When this unit is boosted ([Boost]) by a {Neo Nectar}, this unit gets [Power] +2000 until end of that battle.
[CONT](VC/RC):Lord (If you have a unit without a same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)
Flavor Text:
Spin, the spiral of life! Wisteria Reincarnation!

Deep Green Lord, Master Wisteria Thumb Nail
Rarity: RR
Card #: BT14/019
Artist: 三好載克
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