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  • Spring Breeze Messenger

Spring Breeze Messenger

Card Number:
Unit Type:
Card Text:
[AUTO]:When another {Gold Paladin} rides this unit, you may call this card to (RC).
[AUTO](RC):[Counter-Blast 1 & Put this unit into your soul] When an attack hits a vanguard during the battle that this unit boosted ([Boost]), you may pay the cost. If you do, look at up to three cards from the top of your deck, search for up to one {Gold Paladin} from among them, call it to (RC) as [Rest], and put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.
Flavor Text:
A young White Hare Knight often brings along good news, and is considered a sign of victory.

Spring Breeze Messenger Thumb Nail
Rarity: Rare
Card #: BT07/042EN
Artist: uni
Out of Stock
Spring Breeze Messenger Thumb Nail
Rarity: Common
Card #: V-EB10/040
Out of Stock

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