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  • Super Dimensional Robo, Diard

Super Dimensional Robo, Diard

Card Number:
Unit Type:
Card Text:
[ACT](VC)[Limit-Break 4](This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Choose one of your rear-guards with "Dimensional Robo" in its card name, and put it into your soul] Search your deck for up to one grade 3 card with "Dimensional Robo" in its card name, ride it as [Stand], shuffle your deck, and that unit gets [Power] +4000 until end of turn.
[AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your attack step, if this unit's [Power] is 15000 or greater, this unit gets [Critical] +1 until end of that battle.
Flavor Text:
That brilliant jewel on the chest is the spiritual core of justice.

Super Dimensional Robo, Diard Thumb Nail
Rarity: RRR
Card #: FC02/017
Artist: コガラツ
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