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  • Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer

Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer

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Pendulum Scale 3 Once, while this card is in your Pendulum Zone: You can target 1 card in a Pendulum Zone; destroy it.

Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer continues his journey to uncover the secrets of Dragon Alchemy, believing it is the key to dispelling his curse and restoring his memory. His power continues to grow... perhaps the same power used by the Dracofiends?

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Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer - Breakers of Shadow Thumb Nail
Rarity: Super Rare
Card #: BOSH-EN023
Out of Stock
Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer - Pendulum Evolution Thumb Nail
Rarity: Super Rare
Card #: PEVO-EN059
Out of Stock

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