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  • Ultra Polymerization

Ultra Polymerization

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Pay 2000 LP; Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using 2 monsters you control as Fusion Materials. Neither player can activate cards or effects in response to this card's activation. You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 Fusion Monster that was Fusion Summoned with this card's effect; Special Summon all the Fusion Materials used for its Fusion Summon from your Graveyard, but change their ATK and DEF to 0, also they have their effects negated.

Ultra Polymerization Thumb Nail
Rarity: Secret Rare
Card #: MACR-EN052
Only 3 In Stock
Near Mint
Ultra Polymerization Thumb Nail
Rarity: Super Rare
Card #: HISU-EN043
Only 5 In Stock
Near Mint
Only 2 In Stock
Ultra Polymerization Thumb Nail
Rarity: Secret Rare
Card #: MP18-EN014
Out of Stock
Only 1 In Stock

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