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  • World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke

World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke

Card Number:
Card Text:

3 Link Monsters
Must first be either Fusion Summoned, or Special Summoned from your Extra Deck by Tributing the above cards you control (in which case you do not use "Polymerization"). This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls once each. When an attack is declared involving this card and an opponent's Link Monster: You can banish 1 Link Monster with the same Link Rating as that monster from your field or GY; destroy that opponent's monster, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to its original ATK.

World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke Thumb Nail
Rarity: Rare
Card #: DANE-EN032
19 In Stock
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Only 2 In Stock
World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke Thumb Nail
Rarity: Common
Card #: MP20-EN065
Only 1 In Stock
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