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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Alex Ullman

    Over the Eldritch Moon

    The Pauper metagame has been flipped-turned upside-down, as Alex explains.
  • Alex Ullman

    The Eternal Drake

    Pauper is in the middle of a huge metagame shakeup. Alex breaks it down!
  • Alex Ullman

    Moving Out of the Shadows

    Did Eternal Masters do serious damage to Pauper? Alex investigates!
  • Alex Ullman

    Pauper Resources

    Want to learn more about Pauper and resources from across the web? Alex is here to help!
  • Alex Ullman

    Eternal Masters' Initial Impact

    Eternal Masters continues to influence the Pauper metagame. Alex breaks it down!
  • Alex Ullman

    Eternally Mastering Pauper

    With 27(!) downgrades, Eternal Masters is changing Pauper forever. Alex explains!
  • Alex Ullman

    Pauper's Legacy With Eternal Masters

    In our first preview, Eternal Masters gives us a sweet Uncommon now legal in Pauper!
  • Alex Ullman

    Pauper's Endgames

    What does it take to close out a Pauper game? Alex examines this and looks at a sweet new decklist!
  • Alex Ullman

    A Pauper's Rant on Card Advantage

    Pauper continues to evolve as Alex breaks down the subtle changes others may miss.
  • Alex Ullman

    Investigating White Aggro

    A new revolution happens in Pauper as Mono-White Aggro rises to power!
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