Ultimate Masters
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  • Jump-Starting a Madness Deck

    Stephen captures the spirit of the Izzet as he experiments with a Commander deck that combines the power of Jump-Start and Madness!
  • Rainbow Lich

    Ali delivers on his promise to show off the Five-Color Lich's Mastery deck he's been working on!
  • Mono-Colored in a Two-Color World

    While everyone else is obsessed with multi-color decks, Mike Likes revels in the simple power of Mono-color!
  • Top Ten Cards for Five-Color Commander Decks

    Abe embraces the rainbow to bring you the Top Ten cards for your Five-Color Commander decks!
  • Did You Know Magic: Elves

    Did You Know Magic welcomes Ashlen Rose to tell you everything you need to know about Elves of Dominaria!
  • Magic Mics: MF'n GPs

    Evan, Erin, and Reuben break down Magic Fests, Pinchy McStingbutt, Mythic Edition Aftermath, and more in this week's Magic Mics!
  • Sullivan Library: Rocking Out in Standard

    Adrian takes a look at Standard to see what the Golgari Swarm has to offer!
  • Unified Ravnica Commander

    Jason embraces the challenge of building a Commander list from a Unified Ravnica Block cardpool!
  • Look At These Weird Cats!

    Sam discusses the foibles of fan ownership and labor... and shows you some weird cats in the process!
  • Court of Appeal

    Court is in session in Sean's latest puzzle. Can you work out a solution?