Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Commander Crush: Prime Speaker Vannifar

    Jonathan Medina has another Commander crush and can't help but build around Prime Speaker Vannifar!
  • No End in Sight to Simic's Woes

    Jason may have finally found a Simic Commander that lends itself to a 75% build!
  • Convertible Commander: Numot, the Devastator

    Mark tows the line between casual fun and devastation with his latest Convertible Commander!
  • Teysa's Dance of Life and Death

    Is the third time the charm for Teysa Karlov? Abe gets pumped to build around the latest addition to the three card club in Commander!
  • Building the Haunt

    Stephen sits in his high tower and brews a new Commander list around a sweet new Mono-Black legend!
  • What Did We Learn in 2018

    Jason takes a different approach with his 2018 Top Ten, looking at lessons learned from a year of 75%!
  • Bruce's Top Ten Commander Cards of 2018

    Bruce takes a look back on all the excellent Commander cards from 2018, naming his Top Ten!
  • A Year of Commander League

    Stephen looks back on a year in his Commander League and how well themed building worked!
  • How Does Azorius Win the Game?

    Jason figures out how Azorius wins the game as he continues his latest Commander series!
  • Tasigur Spotlight

    Stephen puts the spotlight on a high performing Tasigur list from the past year in his Commander League!