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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Sean Uy

    Sacrifices Must Be Made

    Facing down an army of large creatures, can you figure out how to get out of Sean's latest puzzle?
  • Sean Uy

    These Small Blessings

    Sean is back with another challenging puzzle! Can you find the solution?
  • Sean Uy

    Molar Support

    Take a bite out of Sean's latest puzzle! Can you find the solution to this two-headed conundrum?
  • Sean Uy

    All Thumbs

    Even though things look grim, you never know when your opponent is going to stumble. Can you solve Sean's latest puzzle?
  • Sean Uy

    Fetch, Boy!

    The solution to Sean's latest puzzle is up in the air, and it's up to you to catch it!
  • Sean Uy

    The Stuff of Legends

    With a daunting challenge ahead of you, can you find a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?
  • Sean Uy

    Armored Warfare

    The cavalry's here and things are looking grim. Can you worm your way to victory from within the jaws of deafeat?
  • Sean Uy

    Pest Control

    You may need to call an exterminator if you want to find a solution to Sean's latest puzzle!
  • Sean Uy

    The Saga Continues

    Time has run out and you're in your final turn. Can you find a solution to Sean's latest puzzle?
  • Sean Uy

    Unstoppable Force

    What happens when an unshakable resolve meets an unstoppable force? You get Sean's latest puzzle!
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