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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Vorthos Mike

    Archenemy Nicol Bolas Art Review

    It took some time to gather the art, but Mike is here with his Art Review of Archenemy: Nicol Bolas!
  • Vorthos Mike

    Hour of Devastation Art Review

    It's big, it's comprehensive, and it's packed with art. Mike's Hour of Devastation Art Review is here!
  • Sam Keeper

    Art Talk

    Class is in session as Sam talks the SDCC Exclusive art and 19th Century French printmaker Gustave Dore!
  • Vorthos Mike

    GP Vegas Art Show Review

    Mike is back in the writing game after The Magic Art Show, and it's time to reflect!
  • Vorthos Mike

    Magic Up For Chesley Awards, Again!

    Several pieces of Magic art have been nominated for a Chesley Award!
  • Vorthos Mike

    The Lowdown on the Magic Art Show

    Mike talks about the Magic Art Show and what it's attempting to accomplish. Check it out!
  • Vorthos Mike

    Original Art on the Auction Block

    Welcome to the world of Magic Art collectors. Mike gives you the tour and shares some of the recent goings on.
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