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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jules Robins


    With the "Two Card Combo" ban in effect, Jules looks at how Commander will continue to evolve.
  • MJ Scott

    Planeswalker Weekly: A Legionnaire of Controversy

    What image has the Boros elite aflutter? It's exclusively in the latest Planeswalker Weekly.
  • Jon Corpora

    Things to be Thankful For

    Jon embraced the season of thankfulness. This is what he appreciates most.
  • MJ Scott

    Planeswalker Weekly: Big Trouble in Little Kamigawa

    Who's winning with race? It's the latest edition of Planeswalker Weekly hot off the press!
  • MJ Scott

    Planeswalker Weekly: Jaciyo Heats Up

    The greatest bachelor in the multiverse has a new leading lady in his life. MJ has the exclusive scoop!
  • Jon Corpora

    Diary of a Delver Player

    September 30, 2011. Dear Diary: Today my friend still playing Magic showed this Delver of Secrets card. It's terrible, and had two sides.
  • Ryan Bushard

    Interviews with the Crowd

    Ryan's experience at an Avacyn Restored Prerelease isn't far off hyperbole included here, and it says a lot about which cards are going to continue making waves!
  • Jesse Mason

    Prerelease Report

    The observations and musings of Jesse Mason are uniquely his own. They're also oftentimes entertaining. See what he thought of the Avacyn Restored Prerelease!
  • Jesse Mason

    Internal Memos to Wizards Employees

    Thanks to some moonlighting as an investigative reporter, Jesse has acquired a few internal memos from behind the gates in Renton!
  • Jesse Mason

    Your Format Still Sucks

    Every format has its issues, but Jesse doesn't stop there: from players to archetypes and even culture, everything is subject to satire!
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