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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Frank Lepore

    Blink and You'll Miss It

    Frank has his own take on a viewer-submitted Standard deck!
  • Mike Likes

    Holding out for a Hero

    Mike is back with some new decks taking advantage of multi-color cards in Standard!
  • Abe Sargent

    Top Ten Things I Love About Theros Beyond Death

    Abe Sargent breaks down his Top Ten favorite things from Theros Beyond Death!
  • Mike Likes

    On the Alert

    Mike is back with some alarmingly fun Standard decks!
  • Mike Likes

    Face the Artifacts

    Mike shares a few innovative decks with some of the most exciting artifacts in Standard!
  • Frank Lepore

    Upgrading the 2020 Challenger Decks

    Frank shares his ideas for making the new Challenger decks more competitive!
  • Mike Likes

    Future Champions

    Mike has some fun and competitive decks for your next tournament victory!
  • Frank Lepore

    A World of Standard

    Frank is back with his thoughts on the recent World Championship!
  • Mike Likes

    Returning Hits

    Mike has some old Standard favorites to share that have been given a new dose of life by Theros Beyond Death!
  • Mike Likes

    Infinite Possibilities Beyond Death

    Mike is once again exploring the wealth of options in Standard with the release of Theros Beyond Death!
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