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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Cartel Aristocrats

    Cartel Aristocrats #139: Double Dose

    The Aristocrats are back with a double dose of financial news as War of the Spark approaches release!
  • Jim Casale

    The History of Mythic Editions

    Jim runs through the previous Mythic Editions to see just how ridiculous the War of the Spark iteration is!
  • Jim Casale

    The Buy/Sell Question

    Jim wants to help you answer the questions that always come up: Should I sell this? Should I buy this?
  • Cartel Aristocrats

    Cartel Aristocrats #138: Spark Previews

    The Aristocrats get hyped for War of the Spark, talking about the latest previews and how they’ll affect the market!
  • Cartel Aristocrats

    Cartel Aristocrats #137: Pitiless Pontiffs

    The Pitiless Pontiffs talk about War of the Spark Previews, GP Calgary, and more in the latest episode!
  • Jim Casale

    Card Shipping Tips

    Jim Casale teaches you how to ship cards with the best of 'em with these useful tips!
  • Cartel Aristocrats

    Cartel Aristocrats Episode 136: Modern Moves

    Modern cards are making moves in the lead up to Modern Horizons, and the Aristocrats are here to talk about the shifting trends in Magic Finance!
  • Cartel Aristocrats

    Cartel Aristocrats #135: Modern Hustle

    It’s been a slow week for Magic Finance, but the Aristocrats keep up the hustle talking about Modern Horizons, grading old bordered foils, and more!
  • Cartel Aristocrats

    Cartel Arisotcrats #134: On the Horizon

    What awaits the Aristocrats as they look to Modern Horizons? Join Ed, Jeremy, and Jim as they discuss the latest in Magic Finance!
  • Jim Casale

    Modern Horizons Ahoy

    Jim Casale analyzes the announcement of Modern Horizons and what it might mean for the cost of the Modern format!
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