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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Great Creations: Blue Tron

    Adrian resurrects a version of Modern Tron that has fallen by the wayside!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    More Best of One

    Adrian jumps back in to the Best of One waters to show off some of his favorite decksin the format!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Standard Scryb Sprites Recursion

    Adrian talks Simic Nexus and its similarities to an old, old deck of a recursive nature!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Updating Standard Grixis

    Adrian stretches his wings in the beginning of the new format with some updates to the Standard Grixis deck!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Modern, Before and After the War

    Adrian breaks down his picks for Modern with the use of the London Mulligan in consideration!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    War of the Spark Red Review

    With War of the Spark fully previewed, it's time for another Red Review with Adrian Sullivan!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    War of the Wizards

    Adrian explores whether War of the Spark does enough to bring Wizards back to the Constructed table!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Early Dispatches from the War

    Adrian is taken by a new card from War of Spark and how it might fit into Modern and Legacy!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    The GP Kyoto Niv-Mizzet Top 8

    Recent results cause Adrian to revisit his darling deck: Jeskai Hybrid Control!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Making Mythic

    Adrian breaks down his journey to Mythic on MTG Arena, and the decks that got him there!
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