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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Judge's Corner

    Judge's Corner: Viewer Questions 5

    More tough questions. More final answers. David tackles more of your hardest questions.
  • Judge's Corner

    Judge's Corner: Modes and Modal Spells

    Fate Reforged is full of choices. Judge's Corner explains how modes and modal spells really work.
  • Judge's Corner

    Judge's Corner: Fate Reforged Mechanics

    Before your Fate Reforged Prerelease, catch up on all the rules in the Judge's Corner.
  • Judge's Corner

    Judge's Corner: Viewer Questions 4

    More questions. More answers. This week, David tackles even more of your tricky quandries!
  • Judge's Corner

    Judge's Corner: Cheating

    This week, David covers what you need to know about cheating in Magic.
  • Judge's Corner

    Judge's Corner: State-Based Actions

    This week's Judge's Corner is everything you need to know about state-based actions.
  • GatheringMagic.com

    Throwback Thursday: Priority

    What is priority and who gets it when? David Greene answers all your questions in this Judge's Corner throwback.
  • GatheringMagic.com

    Throwback Thursday: The Stack

    This week, we're thankful for how helpful Judge's Corner was in explaining how the stack works.
  • GatheringMagic.com

    Throwback Thursday: Shuffling

    This week's blast from the past is from Judge's Corner, and it's all about shuffling.
  • Judge's Corner

    Judge's Corner: Morph

    Don't get muddled with morph. David explains the ins and outs of the deceptive mechanic.
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