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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Brandon Isleib

    Friday Night and Thruller Night

    It's a Thrull of the night with Brandon and his "Standard" decks.
  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs – Mount Everest

    In this week's 52 FNMs, Jon sheds his tears as he bares his soul (and a Battle of Wits deck).
  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs – Bulletproof

    "I’ve been riding something of a cold streak lately." That's how Jon starts this week's article, but knowing him, you'll be surprised where he takes you.
  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs – Finally

    Jon answers a reader's question from last week, giving the reader a peek into himself before delving into G/W Tokens from GP Brisbane.
  • Carrie Oliver

    I Like to Pod!

    Carrie Oliver won her local FNM with her new Standard deck and she figures out how to modify it for the new Standard.
  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs #6 – Changing the Game

    Jon is back this week with another FNM and a new deck, this week he played Legacy AND FNM, so take a look and enjoy!
  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs #5 – FNM-Ready

    Jon wanted to play Liquimetal Coating this week, but he didn't. Read on to see what he played and how he did with it.
  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs #4 – Whoops

    Jon is officially a month into his 52 FNMs series, and with the Planeswalker Points changes, he's got a bit more motivation for his grind.
  • GatheringMagic.com

    October FNM Promo: Contagion Clasp

  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs #1 - Killed with Blistering Firecat?

    This week is Jon Corpora's first of 52 consecutive FNMs he will attend and to do battle with a different deck each time. 52 decks in 52 weeks.
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