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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Allen Pennington

    Legacy Tin Fins Primer

    Allen Pennington and Griselbrand are back, ready to put their opponents into Shallow Graves.
  • Bruce Richard

    Maximizing Your Return to Ravnica Prerelease Experience

    If you or a friend is heading to their first Prerelease with Return to Ravnica, Bruce has the primer for you!
  • Justin Turner

    The Seven-Layer Cake

    Layers are well-defined, but deep and difficult for many players to understand. Justin's primer will help freshen your memory and let you explore the intricacies of the rules! (This article originally ran July 14, 2011.)
  • Ben McDole

    Primer for Commander

    Pulled from the archives, Ben McDole's first article - his Commander Primer.
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