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Lorcana Ursulas Return Singles available now!
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    MJ's Ultimate Cosplay Challenge

    Want to help the greatest Magic cosplay come to life? MJ has all the details you need to know.
  • MJ Scott

    Top 10 Easiest Magic Costumes

    Need a costume for next week? MJ has a few simple ideas ripped straight from Magic.
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    2 Hours to Queen Cymede

    Queen Cymede made a rare appearance at a Theros Prerelease. MJ shows you how she booked the show.
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    The Magic of Cosplay

    The Magic multiverse has some truly awesome characters in it. Join Heather as she interviews the cosplayers who bring these characters to life.
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    24 Hours to Vraska

    You have 24 hours to become Vraska, the Unseen. This is how MJ pulled it off.
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    Cosplay at Gen Con 2013

    How many planeswalkers can you spot in Inside the Deck's cosplay recap from Gen Con?
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    Vorthos Potpourri

    From the Vault, cosplay, creative, art, and more. Stop and smell the Vorthos with Mike.
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    Who to Follow – Cosplayers, Part 1

    Bringing Magic to reality is as Vorthos as it gets. Jason has two you should watch out for.
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    The Planeswalker's Guide to Cosplay, Part 2

    If you need a costume, cosplay may not be for you. MJ shares the difference, and delivers on the former!
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