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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • GatheringMagic.com

    Top 8 of Pro Tour Magic 2015

    Turtenwald, Jensen, Cox, and more. Who will emerge victorious on Pro Tour Sunday?
  • GatheringMagic.com

    2015 Organized Play Schedule

    Organized play for 2015 is packed with exciting locations, from Brussels to Vancouver and beyond.
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    5 Decks You Can't Miss This Week: #PTM15 Edition

    The game's best and brightest have gathered in Portland, and they've brewed up some decks you just can't miss.
  • GatheringMagic.com

    2014 Hall of Fame Class Announced

    Congratulations to Makihito Mihara, Paul Rietzl, and Guillaume Wafo-Tapa - the 2014 Class of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.
  • Brainstorm Brewery

    Brainstorm Brewery #109 – PT QQ More

    The Brew Crew is joined by super fan Sander Van Der Zee to talk PreTQs, Khans, GP Boston, and more.
  • Kevin Crimin

    Playing on a Budget: (Modern) Selesnya Hexproof

    Rich Castle subs in for Kevin to bring you a Modern monstrosity packed with outrageous auras.
  • Mike Cannon

    Doom Blast

    You can scuttle for Standard victory thanks to Mike's latest budget brew.
  • Alex Ullman

    Magic 2015 Pauper Cube Update

    Alex has tweaked his cube yet again, but it's the set he ignores that may surprise you the most.
  • Ryan Bushard

    Preparing for the Big Stage

    With the first results in and the hype settling down, Ryan is ready to share his recommended Magic 2015 pickups.
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    Drafting the Artifact Deck in Magic 2015

    Turning artifacts sideways isn't just for Modern anymore. Jacob van Lunen explores Ensoul Artifact in Magic 2015 Limited.
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