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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Andrew Wilson

    Paragon City

    The Paragon of the Izzet is a powerful creature. Andrew experiments to yield optimal results.
  • Nassim Ketita

    Building the Full Ravnica Cube, Part 3: The Search for Niv-Mizzet

    Three more guilds bring Nassim's Ravnica Cube project that much closer to completion. See how he handled Izzet, Orzhov, and the Gruul.
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Ral Zarek Spoiled

    The first wave of Dragon's Maze previews certainly did not disappoint. Check out Ral Zarek, the Izzet Champion Melek, and fuse split cards!
  • Mike Cannon

    Spell Burns

    Take your opponent down with a flurry of spells! Give Mike's Izzet Delver deck a try.
  • Petr Joura

    How to Be a Proper Izzet

    So you want to join the Izzet? Petr's Commander deck starts there and ends with a rocket-powered goat.
  • Adam Styborski

    The Izzet League – A Q&A with Mark Rosewater

    New Izzet cards? Niv-Mizzet's knowledge? Our Q&A with Mark Rosewater answers!
  • Bruce Richard

    A Multiplayer Guild

    What time Izzet? Bruce has multiplayer shenanigans to experiment with!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Izzet

    Experimenting is what the Izzet do. Jay shows you how the process works.
  • Brandon Isleib

    Are Friends Electric?

    The newest flavor writer for Magic looks at the twisted experiment that is the Izzet.
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Return Reviewing, Part 1

    The flavor review for Return to Ravnica has begun! Grab the first part today, then hold on for tomorrow's finale!
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