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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Experimenting with The Reality Chip

    With a type line as strange as Legendary Artifact Creature -Equipment Jellyfish, Mark just has to build around The Reality Chip!
  • Matthew Lotti

    Lore and Consequences: O-Kagachi vs. Kyodai

    In the final culmination of Kamigawa's conflict, Matt pits O-Kagachi and Kyodai against one another in a final flavor clash!
  • Paige Smith

    Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Pauper Review: White, Blue, and Black

    Neon Dynasty brought us a lot of exciting commons, and Paige is ready to dive in and see which can hack it in Pauper!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Commander Combos with Junji, the Midnight Sky

    Mark takes a look at some Junji combo shells you could slot into your Commander decks!
  • Abe Sargent

    Commanding Tatsunari, Toad Rider

    Abe celebrates the pending arrival of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty by building around a bevy of cards from the newest set!
  • Abe Sargent

    Commanding Order with Naomi

    Abe builds around a spicy uncommon Legend from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty!
  • Jim Davis

    Love/Hate For Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

    With most of the set revealed, it's time for Jim to break down the overhyped and underappreciated from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty!
  • Danny West

    Me on Dynasty!

    Danny weighs in on some of the new cards and designs from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty!
  • Jason Alt

    Death and Gitaxias

    What better way to play more Instants and Sorceries than a Commander who doubles them for you?
  • Paige Smith

    Tameshi, Who Recurs Artifice

    Sharuum has long been Paige's favorite commander, and Tameshi hits a lot of the same notes!
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