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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Nassim Ketita

    O Canada – Stories from Canadian Nationals

    Take a trip through a tour of Canada across time with Nassim's rundown of the former Nationals championships of the Great White North.
  • Mike Cannon

    Moments: Grand Prix Las Vegas

    Everyone who traveled to Woodstock has a story. This is Mike Cannon's.
  • Blake Rasmussen

    Covering Vegas

    You've heard from the players at Vegas. Blake shares what went on behind the scenes.
  • Corbin Hosler

    When Magic Meets Life (and Death)

    Magic may brings all kinds of people together, but how does the community respond when Life happens? Corbin shares some of his experiences.
  • MJ Scott

    Michiko Konda: Miss Atomic Bomb

    MJ shares both her Michiko Konda Commander deck and the history of her Japanese American heritage.
  • Adam Styborski

    More Secrets from the Secretist: Doug Beyer

    The secrets does the writer of The Secretist keep? We share a few in the latest interview with Doug Beyer.
  • Glenn Godard

    The Life and Times of Quinton Hoover

    Quinton Hoover is gone, so Glenn shares the story of his life and work that he may live on.
  • Adam Styborski

    Behind the Scenes of Making Video Magic

    Meet Holly and Tank, the producers behind the recently Narrative.ly feature of Magic.
  • Jules Robins

    'Twas a Dark and Stromy Night

    Every game tells a story. Jules shares the strange tale of Commander with Márton Stromgald.
  • Jon Corpora

    Past in Flames

    Jamie Wakefield and Mark Rosewater in 2000 have everything to do with how Magic is today.
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