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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Ryan Bushard

    Speculation of the Gods

    It isn't what's in Born of the Gods Ryan's looking for: this is what it affects elsewhere.
  • Mike Cannon

    Fanatics & Phoenixes

    Phoenixes, Satyrs, and Beasts of all kinds: join Mike as he takes his first crack at Born of the Gods Standard.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Whitemane Harvest

    Andrew's newest combo wins the Internet and gives us an infinite chain of cats.
  • Adam Styborski

    Theros Ebook is Coming

    Why did Elspeth go to Theros? An upcoming ebook has the answer and more.
  • The Magic Man Sam

    Born of the Gods Spoiler Review #2 with The Magic Man Sam

    Catching up? The Magic Man Sam has the Born of the Gods previews you might have missed.
  • MTG Potpourri

    MTG Potpourri #1 - The Beginning

    Tom Gustafson returns to podcasting, bring Conley Woods and Adam Styborski along for the ride.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Inspired Aura

    Andrew was a little inspired by Born of the Gods previews. This new deck was the result.
  • guest

    Born of the Gods Spoiler Review #1 with The Mana Source

    Miss out on the first wave of previews? The Mana Source breaks down everything new you need to know.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Mogis, God of Slaughter

    Ready for a brutal, devastating god of Theros? Meet Mogis, God of Slaughter!
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Born of the Gods Mechanics Overview

    Introducing tribute and inspiration! Get ready for all of the Born of the Gods mechanics, both old and new!
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