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Theros Ebook is Coming


Today, Wizards announced Part 1 of the Theros ebook, written by R%D Creative member Jenna Helland, is coming this April. Titled Godsend, it covers the backstory on why Elspeth felt compelled to visit Theros, and how she drew the attention of Heliod, God of the Sun.

On Theros, Elspeth hopes the gods will keep her safe from the evils of the Multiverse. But the powerful planeswalker comes to the attention of the sun god, Heliod, who believes she is destined to be his champion. As the gods quarrel with each other, Elspeth must face a massive hydra that was unleashed from the realm of the gods.

It will be $1.99, and it's available for preorder now for Amazon Kindle and Nook.

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