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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jules Robins

    Sea the World

    Hod your breath, and grab your crab and flounder best friends, because Jules is diving deep in this week's design conundrum!
  • Jules Robins

    Joining the Fray

    Do planeswalkers possess martial prowess? Gideon and Garruk certainly seem to. So why can't we use that ourselves to truly fight our own battles? Jules looks at getting our attack step on!
  • Jules Robins

    Bronze Age

    Design discussions abound as Jules reviews ideas and suggestions from across the community, and even pulls new information from the esteemed Mr. Rosewater!
  • Jules Robins

    Myths of Creation

    Jules continues to build his world around "passing knowledge on" by comparing the flavorful elements of Zendikar and Innistrad!
  • Jules Robins

    By Your Own Bootstraps

    Auras are cool, powerful, and quite often disastrous. Jules looks at howAuras have been improved, and what potential there is for another step in making Auras matter!
  • Jules Robins

    Oregon Trail

    Jules doesn't need to tell you that designers design mechanics. How they can go about doing that is a little more shrouded. His rundown of iterations illuminates some of the mystery!
  • Jules Robins

    Dark Ascension's Design in pReview

    WHile we're beckoned to command the darkness, Jules has a different idea: explore it. With an eye on Innistrad, you'll be surprised by just how far Dark Ascension is from the place we knew!
  • Jules Robins

    Exploring the Frontier

    While he wasn't able to participate, Jules knows the treasure trove of design info The Great Designer Search 2 provided. Join him as he dives into a weird, wild, western Magic!
  • Jules Robins

    World Borrowing 101

    With the infinite possibilities of the world before you, designing a flavorful world is daunting. Jules shares how you can get a jump start by borrowing a world that already exists!
  • Jules Robins

    A Whole New World

    World building is the stuff of power: creation of the primordial workings that define an entire plane... and the cards that can represent it. Jules shares a run down of ways to begin crafting a plane!
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