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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Vorthos Mike

    The Course of Ravnica's Empire

    Vorthos Mike builds a coalition to preview a new set of basic lands for War of the Spark!
  • Jim Davis

    Becoming a Vampire in Standard

    Jim wants to be a Vampire, building around an Ixalan tribe that hasn't gotten a fair shake in Standard!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Preparing for War: Marath Spotlight

    Stephen wraps up his preparations for War of the Spark by highlighting a commander deck that can really benefit from the influx of proliferate cards!
  • Bruce Richard

    Top 8 Cards I Should Be Playing

    Bruce takes inspiration from Brother's War Podcast and makes a list of eight cards he should definitely be playing more!
  • Rudy Briksza

    Legacy Cube Returns

    Legacy lets loose and drafts whatever he wants in his latest outing into Legacy Cube on Magic Online!
  • MTG Fast Finance

    MTG Fast Finance - Episode 162: Mythic Invitational Aftermath

    MTG Fast Finance is here to bring you the latest trends in the aftermath of the Mythic Invitational!
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