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Becoming a Vampire in Standard


War of the Spark is on the horizon, which signals the end of the current Standard format. The top tier of decks is mostly solidified at this point, so we are going to dive a little deeper into the card pool to a mostly forgotten Ixalan tribe that has actually had a bit of success at the Mythic Championship level.

Mono-White Vampires was a surprising deck that did well in the hands of a few players at Pro Tour Ixalan, while more recently a Mardu Vampires list splashing Red for Judith, the Scourge Diva had a winning record at Mythic Championship Cleveland.

While the Red splash is far more trouble than it's worth with Judith not being a vampire for Unclaimed Territory, the deck showed promise as a variation on the traditional White Aggro decks.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:04:40

Match 2 - 00:29:32

Match 3 - 00:45:37

Match 4 - 00:51:25

Match 5 - 01:07:09

Rather than trying to go all in on Vampire payoffs which aren't quite there, this deck borrows a few pages from the White Weenie playbook in Venerated Loxodon and Unbreakable Formation for that extra power push that a go wide deck needs. There's no denying the power level of either card, with each providing a unique angle of attack not readily available to the deck.

While we struggled a bit with Sultai and lost our tribal battle against Merfolk we certainly held our own overall, with the Black cards giving us a unique edge over White Weenie. We're not quite as fast, but having real removal spells as well as the card advantage of Midnight Reaper is great, as well as having access to Duress in the sideboard.

If there was a Mythic Championship tomorrow I can't say I'd register Vampires, but if you're looking for an awesome and fun deck to jam at FNM or on MTG Arena that's capable of doing some real damage Vampires is an awesome choice. Plus, you get to make tons of bad Twilight and Nicolas Cage jokes!

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