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  • History on the Horizon: Supplementary Sets

    Kendra rounds out her History on the Horizon series with a look at supplementary Magic products!
  • Battlebond and C18 Cube Review

    The Summer is coming to an end, so Usman Jamil is here to review Commander 2018 and Battlebond for Cube!
  • Top Ten Ways to Break Rowan Kenrith

    Rowan Kenrith has the potential to be busted, and Abe's latest Top Ten focuses on ways to unlock that potential!
  • Battlebond Deck Edits

    Abe makes some updates to his multiple decks in the wake of Battlebond's release!
  • The Degenerate's Combo Guide to Battlebond

    Get ready for some sweet combos as Jonathan Medina returns with his Degenerare's Combo Guide to Battlebond!
  • Battlebond Inspired Combo Decks

    Abe has been bitten by the combo bug and he's ready to bring you some sweet lists inspired by the Johnniest of Battlebond cards.
  • A Pauper Review of Battlebond

    David examines the commons of Battlebond to see which can prove their worth in Pauper!
  • Getting Other Players to Give You Battlebond Assists

    Reaching out for an assist can be challenging, but Ferrett has some tips for your next multiplayer game that might make it easier!
  • Top Ten Cards from Battlebond

    It's Battlebond Top Ten time, and Abe has his eye on some spicy singles from the latest set!
  • An Eye on Fun

    Keep your eye on this one, because Abe has a sweet list that proves two heads are better than one!