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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Danny West

    Do Not Sell These Cards Under Any Circumstances

    Some cards are just worth keeping around long-term!
  • Bruce Richard

    Your System, or Lack Thereof

    Bruce Richard is here to help you organize your collection with some advice on finding a system that works for you!
  • Jonathan Medina

    Surviving Reprints

    Reprints can wreak havoc on your collection's value, but Jon has some tips to minimize the impact!
  • Vorthos Mike

    Alpha Playtest Card Project

    Where are all the Alpha playtest cards? Keith Adams is trying to get to the bottom for one of Magic's biggest mysteries.
  • Abe Sargent

    What RTR Staples Am I Targeting?

    Be sure to pick up some of Abe's casual favorites before our Return to Ravnica comes to an end.
  • Ryan Bushard

    How to Manage Your Singles

    Sorting and maintaining your collection saves time and money. Ryan shares his method.
  • Ryan Bushard

    Legacy Allure

    Is Legacy the format for you? What's the best way to buy in? Ryan answers these questions and more.
  • Vorthos Mike

    A 2013 Alpha Project Update

    Where is all the Alpha art? Mike's been on the hunt, and he's found a few answers for you.
  • Ryan Bushard

    Modern Master

    First Commander, now Modern. How should you invest to grow your collection?
  • Ryan Bushard

    Comfort Zone

    How can you grow your Commander collection? Ryan takes a closer look.
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