Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write
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  • Standard Double Take

    Kyle doubles your fun with two takes on two of Standard's biggest decks.
  • Standard Week 1 Prep

    How is the first week of Eldritch Moon Standard shaping up? Kyle is here to help!
  • Eldritch Moon and Some Pauper

    Kyle returns as a regular columnist, sharing new Eldritch Moon-fueled decks in Standard & Pauper!
  • Innistrad: A Nation Reborn

    Spiders, Zombies, and much more. Join Ryan as he looks ahead to Standard with Eldritch Moon.
  • Eldritch Moon Brews

    Eldritch moon is nearly upon us and Kyle is brewing up a storm. Check out his take on the new Standard format.
  • Eldrazi Explosion

    Ryan is ready to welcome our new tentacled overlord. Join him as he breaks down his picks for Standard with Eldritch Moon.
  • Constructed BrewHaHa

    From Legacy to Modern and even Eldritch Moon Standard, Kyle shares his take so you can reap the benefits.
  • W'emrakul

    Ryan breaks down the hottest new technology and takes a sneak peek to Standard with Eldritch Moon.
  • Esper StrixBlade in Legacy

    Kyle shares his take on Legacy from Grand Prix Columbus.
  • Rotation Already

    Ryan shares some awesome Standard technology and his top picks for the coming rotation.