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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Paige Smith

    What Are the Top Five Elves in Commander?

    With the Top 5 Elves in Constructed covered, Paige breaks down her picks for the Top 5 Elves in Commander!
  • Paige Smith

    What are the Top Five Elves in Constructed Magic?

    As a long time lover and player player of Elf decks, Paige Smith feels very qualified to break down her picks for the best Elves in Constructed Magic!
  • Jim Davis

    A Motley Crew Of Elves In Standard!

    It may surprise you to learn that there are actually a lot of Elves in Standard! But are there enough to make a Elf-centric strategy work?
  • Paige Smith

    Wellwisher: My Big Level Up Card

    Everyone has that one card that helped them level up their game in Magic, and for Paige that was the little lifegain elf that could: Wellwisher!
  • Paige Smith

    Unleashing Voja's Fury in Commander

    With the loss of Tolsimir, Voja is mad as hell and finally striking out on his own with a sweet new card that showcases the not-so-nice side of Selesnya!
  • Michael Flores

    Let's Talk About Premodern Elves

    Michael Flores picks up what may be the most fun deck in Premodern: Elves!
  • Michael Flores

    The 32 Incurable Ailments of Oath Paloosh

    Mike Flores breaks down the deck he played for his most recent Premodern Top 4!
  • Abe Sargent

    Top Ten Elves for Commander

    Abe breaks down his picks for the best Elves to play in Commander!
  • TheOneJame

    Rakdos Midrange in Pioneer

    TheOneJame takes a break from Standard and takes on Pioneer with Rakdos Midrange!
  • TheOneJame

    Tyvar Elves in MAT Standard

    Tyvar may have lost his spark, but that won't stop him from heading up an army of elves in TheOneJame's latest Standard deck!
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