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  • Catching Up On Pauper Elves

    Kendra checks in on her favorite deck in Pauper. Here's the latest on Elves!
  • B/G Elves: A Modern Powerhouse

    Jeff does a deep dive into his new top Modern archetype: Elves!
  • Did You Know Magic: Elves

    Did You Know Magic welcomes Ashlen Rose to tell you everything you need to know about Elves of Dominaria!
  • Guide to Legacy Elves: Part 2

    After a bit of a break, Andrew is back and continues on with his breakdown of Legacy Elves!
  • Priming for Modern

    One Format. Two huge Grand Prix events. 15 Decklists. Let's jump into Modern!
  • Legacy Weapon #16 — A Very Special Announcment–and Elves! Part 1

    Legacy Weapon goes deep on the Elf tribe and has a very special announcement!
  • The Age of Elves

    Get off to the races with Matt Nass's combotastic take on tribal in Modern.
  • The Devil's Haircut

    Modern doesn't have to be all Eldrazi, all the time. Neale unveils a powerful tribal contender.
  • Gilt-Leaf Elves

    Magic's most combo-tastic tribe is shaking up Modern. Jimi breaks down Modern Elves.
  • Bouncing Elves

    Mike unites two fan-favorite Tribes in his latest Standard creation.