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  • Exiling the Reserved List

    What's Legacy without the Reserve List? Steve investigates what such a format could look like!
  • Eternal Masters Announced

    Eternal Masters will reprint Legacy and Vintage cards not on the Reserved List.
  • Jones and Tocco are Champions Eternal!

    Mark Tocco played Oath of Druids to claim the Vintage Champs title, while Kevin Jones earned the Legacy Champs win the day before with Blue-Red Delver.
  • Lull Before the Storm

    Whether you're looking to pick up Standard, Eternal, or bulk, use Ryan's tips to get the most for your buck.
  • Eternal Weekend Champions

    Ari Lax and Joel Lim and your 2013 Legacy Championship and 2013 Vintage Championship winners.
  • Learning Legacy

    Carrie Oliver's relative lack of knowledge of Magic really hampers her in Legacy, here she explores the lessons learned in her first Legacy event.
  • Musings on Modern

    Christopher Walton is back and he takes a step away from his beloved Legacy to instead explore the new format: Modern.
  • Inside the Deck - Vintage Championships

    Talking to people at GenCon, Inside the Deck explores the Vintage Championship and what Vintage is all about.
  • Vintage Tourney "TMD Open 15" Announced

  • Trade Tables #10 – Modern Madness!

    The still-pending announcement for Modern has people already responding, and JR Wade gives you a look at some of the critical cards for the format from a financial perspective.