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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Vorthos Mike

    Two Infect Builds You Haven't Seen

    Mike gets back to writing with two new takes on Modern Infect you probably haven't seen before!
  • Vorthos Mike

    Infect, Like Punk, Is Not Dead

    Solemnity poses a threat, but Mike believe Infect can power through it and live on!
  • Andrew Jessup

    Who Needs Probe?

    Probe may be gone, but can Infect live on? Andrew shuffles it up and finds out!
  • Ben Friedman

    60-Card Shootout: Modern Infect

    Ben gets down with the sickness in this week's 60-Card Shootout!
  • Andrew Jessup

    Opening a Dialogue on Ethics

    The line between ethical and unethical play can be a little nebulous. Andrew opens a discussion on ethical play.
  • Andrew Jessup

    Modern Infect Primer

    Andrew Jessup kicks off his tenure with Gathering Magic with a primer on Modern Infect.
  • Alex Ullman

    Meciek Berger Wins Grand Prix Lille

    Infect claims another Modern Grand Prix, this time in Lille.
  • Alex Ullman

    Clay Spicklemire Infects Columbus

    There was no miraculous cure for Clay Spicklemire and his Infect deck .
  • Jimi Brady

    Priming for Modern

    One Format. Two huge Grand Prix events. 15 Decklists. Let's jump into Modern!
  • Emma Handy

    Combating Specific Modern Strategies

    With two huge GPs this weekend, Emma is here to help you get a handle on the format!
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