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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Waiting in the Wings

    What does rotation really mean? Ryan reviews the cards you need and don't in the Magic Origins world.
  • Drafting Green/White

    Take down your draft with a ragtag crew of heroes, centaurs, and satyrs.
  • Drafting Blue/Red

    Aggressive guys. Efficient removal. Dragons. Jacob van Lunen explores Blue-Red in Theros Limited.
  • Drafting Black/Green

    Think Theros is all about heroes? This week Jacob van Lunen explores the counter to heroic strategies.
  • Drafting Blue/Black in Born of the Gods

    Evasion. Removal. Bombs. Victory. Jacob van Lunen steps through Blue-Black in Born of the Gods.
  • Theros Block Sealed

    It's time to crack some packs and build some decks. Make the most of your sealed pool with help from Jacob.
  • Back to Esper Control

    From Esper to Blue-White and back again. Find out why Esper is the best control deck in Standard.
  • Drafting with Marshall: Born of the Gods #5

    This week Marshall gets aggressive with a blisteringly fast deck. Would you have done the same?
  • Fabiano is First in Montreal

    In a weekend dominated by aggressive White strategies, Gerard Fabiano brings home the trophy with a pair of Celestial Archons.
  • Flexibility in Theros Draft

    Why should you stay flexible during your drafts? This week, Jacob explains why options are power.