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Fabiano is First in Montreal


1,622 players showed up to crack open some sealed pools in Montreal. Going into the weekend, most players believed that white-based aggressive strategies would be the dominant strategy, but many hoped that would mean more controlling strategies in colors like Blue and Black would be more open.

170 players remained after the cut to day two, and throughout the draft portion, we saw the dominance of white aggressive decks play out. After six rounds of draft, the event cut to eight players, headlined by Gerard Fabiano, David Shiels, and Brock Parker. Shiels and Fabiano both drafted powerful white decks featuring low curves and plenty of fliers, and each battled their way into the finals.

In the end, Gerard's two copies of Celestial Archon were enough to dominate the skies and bring home the trophy, and earning Gerard his second Grand Prix title.

Congratulations to Gerard Fabiano, champion of Grand Prix Montreal.

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