Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Goodbye Blue, Hello New Pauper!

    Kendra discusses the recent wave of Pauper bans and what it might mean for the format going forward!
  • It's Time to Sanction Pauper

    Kendra lays out her case for why Wizards of the Coast should finally sanction Pauper events!
  • War of the Spark Pauper Review

    Kendra dives into the pile of powerful commons in War of the Spark, bringing you the best of the best in her Pauper Review!
  • The Bear and the Elves

    Kendra gets excited about what could be the best thing to happen to Pauper Elves since Lead the Stampede!
  • Examining the MagicFest LA Pauper MCQ

    Kendra takes a look back at the very first Pauper MCQ at MagicFest LA!
  • What to Expect at the Pauper MCQ

    Kendra ramps up preparation, predicting what the Pauper MCQ at MagicFest Los Angeles will bring!
  • The Top Decks of Pauper

    In preparation for the Pauper Mythic Championship Qualifier, Kendra breaks down the current pillars of the format!
  • Taking Breaks

    Sometimes your favorite formats get you down, but Kendra is here to show there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Magic!
  • Be the Bully, Claim the Throne

    Kendra takes a look at the evolution of one of Pauper's top archetypes, Boros Bully!
  • Ravnica Allegiance Pauper Set Review

    What effects will Ravnica Allegiance have on Pauper? Kendra dives into the set's commons to find out!