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  • Top Ten Planeswalkers in the Past Four Years

    Join Abe as he counts down which recent Planeswalkers make his Top Ten!
  • Planeswalker Rule and You

    Ali discusses the new rules change and what amazing new possibilities it opens in all formats!
  • Top Ten Planeswalkers We Need Printed

    There are plenty of Planeswalker characters in Magic, and Abe has his list of 10 he wants to see print.
  • Xantcha: Magic's First Trans Hero?

    New Gathering Magic author, Sam Keeper, goes in depth on Xantcha and trans representation in Magic.
  • Stop! Dagger Time

    A new Conspiracy awaits! Ant builds a sweet deck perfect for betrayal and intrigue!
  • A Growth in Character

    Planeswalkers are central to Magic's new stories. Ant looks at what that means for their future.
  • The Multiplayer Theory of Planeswalkers

    Where do Planeswalkers really fit into multiplayer mayhem? Abe breaks down the tips and tricks.
  • 75% Supafriends

    Who needs Dragons when we've got Planeswalkers? Jason's latest Commander deck is super friendly.
  • Comic-Con 2014 MTG Panel

    This is all the news and spoilers from the Magic panel at Comic-Con 2014!
  • Can You Defeat Garruk At Your Prerelease?

    You can battle and share victory or defeat against Garruk at the Magic 2015 Prerelease!